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Engine management

Many existing ECUs on the market today make it easy for one to take run engines on maps that can sometimes even be found on internet.

Modern ECUs offer huge capacities for spark and fuel management but today’s goal post have moved away from the basic map. What matters are all the “side functions”.

Our goal is to guide you chose what is best suited to your car and use.
We can work on the all essential engine map but where we make the difference is in fully understanding and controlling all accessories functions like:

  • Traction control,
  • Advanced ignition cut and spark recovery for flat shift
  • Clever integrated management of auxiliaries such as fuel pump, alternator, engine fan etc.
  • Complete power management through all car components with data interface and integrated diagnostics and alarms plus fail safe strategies etc.
  • Complete programming and interfacing with existing onboard systems
  • Integrated Solutions
  • Custom made looms
  • Etc.

We can do all that and more for you WITHIN YOUR BUDGET.
Everything is possible so contact us! 

Examples of our work:

Cosworth DFY F3000, EFI engine management, paddleshift, traction control

Honda 2L Vtec CN, DTA S60 and EFI Euro4 engine managements, paddleshift, advanced power control…

AC F3000 11500RPM evo, Motec management, Traction control, paddleshift

Zytek KV F3000, EFI Euro 12 management, Traction control, paddleshift, launch control…

Mosler GT3, Motec management, Traction control, paddleshift,power distribution and strategies, ABS interface, etc.